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test test test
Permalink | Monday, December 10, 2018

This is a test.  This is a link in the test:

CEOExpress link using globe icon  Link typed without http />  Link typed with

Here's some text after the link.
Permalink | Monday, February 29, 2016

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Permalink | Thursday, September 4, 2008

Welcome to the CEOExpressions Beta Test!

Thank you for volunteering to help beta test CEOExpressions.  If you haven't already, please go to to create your own page, and start testing!

Watch this demo for an overview of CEOExpressions (make sure your sound is on). You can find more quick demos in the FAQs.

We'll be using this blog to keep in touch with beta testers, to answer questions and more. Check back regularly.

The rest of my page is a personal homepage, with frequently used links in the links bar, and news feed tabs. Feel free to take a look around, to see how I use my page.

In addition to my page, be sure to visit Patricia's personal page and travel blogs ( to see much more attractive blogs in action. :)  Her page is also a great example of how to use different themes and page titles on every tab.  You can also visit Patricia's business blog here:

FAQs for CEOExpressions can be found at the top of your page when you are logged in.  Your login info for your CEOExpressions page (once it has been created) will be your CEOExpressSelect user name and password.  Please contact me if you need that information.

Be sure to answer questions about your own page using the Feedback form:

Please feel free to also leave comments here or contact me directly at  

Permalink | Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tips and Information (Category: Updates)

 Here are some tips and ideas that you might not have thought of.

  • Easy Access to Your Page: Having trouble remembering where your page is? Add a link to your personal links on your CEOExpressSelect homepage.

  • Feature Important Links: Don't forget your Links Bar. It's the grey bar under your page title. You can add a row of links there for any links you want to be able to access at any time, no matter which tab you, or your visitors, are in.

  • All Your News In One Place: Create a tab made up of news feeds. This is great for personal homepages, as well as the pages you choose to share. I have a tab of baseball news, and another of all the other news feeds I want to check on a regular basis on my page ( – password beta1). You can also create a tab of news related to the topic of your page and/or blog, to keep your audience informed.

  • Link to a Photo Album: You can enter a “destination url” when adding a photo to your blog. Instead of linking to a larger version of the photo, link to an entire related photo album. Click on the picture of the monk in the second post on Patricia's blog to see an example. (

Do you have any of your own tips to share? Keep the feedback coming. You can respond using the form ( ) or right directly to me at Or, leave a comment here.

Do you want to share your page with other CEOExpressions beta testers? If so, just let me know. I'll to know the url of your page, and you'll need to make sure that it's turned on. If you are interested, or have any questions, just send me a note. We won't share any pages without your permission.

Permalink | Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What People Are Saying

Here is some of the great feedback we've received from our beta testers.  Please send us your own feedback and questions.

This is awesome.
-John Warren
Customization is a hallmark of CEOExpress, and you've applied it to the new page.  
The blog is super easy to use - couldn't be easier.
-Jim Lutz

I got into it right away, directions were very good.
-Sunil Dhar

I really like it. It will allow me to consolidate my online facts. I will be using it extensively.
-Thomas Clark
The setup process was clear, easy and, most importantly, not too time consuming. 
-Adrienne Stretch
Permalink | Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Suggested Uses For CEOExpressions, and How to Share Yours


Different Uses of CEOExpressions

There are an unlimited number of ways you could use CEOExpressions. These are just a few ideas. Please let us know how you plan to use your site, so we can make additional recommendations.

  • Family Page: Use your CEOExpressions page to share links, a calendar, a blog with photos, etc. with your family. You can even “hide” the page behind a password so only your family can see it. You could also create this kind of page for your soccer team, your book club, or some other group.

  • Portal: Use as a portal for your small organization. Add tabs of links to your website, and other related sites, and create a blog to keep your members informed.

  • Share Your Expertise: Publicly publish related links and information for your area of specialty, such as kayaking, real estate, or country music. Create a blog to share your ideas or give access to white papers you have written. Keep the page public so customers or colleages in your area of expertise can visit.

  • Personal Homepage: This is how I use my page ( My CEOExpressSelect page is set up as a homepage for work, but I need different links when I'm at home, so my CEOExpressions page is my homepage on my home computer. Use this to share links with family members or roommates who use your computer.

  • Blog Plus: Create a blog, with added tabs. Provide more information for your audience than other blogs allow by creating tabs full of links and other tools related to your blog.

  • CEOExpress Lite: Include only the links and tools you need when traveling, and you can access this page from anywhere. If your page is not protected by a password, and your links and information are not private, you can even visit the page on public computers without worrying about entering a user name and password, as you would need to access your links on CEOExpress.

  • Teaching Tool: Do you teach? Use your page to share important links with your students during a course, or as reference and a way to keep in touch when the course ends.

  • Other ideas? Keep reading...

How do YOU Use CEOExpressions? Want to Share?

Do you have a better idea? Tell us about it. Or better yet, share it with our beta testers. We'd love to share some of your pages with the other beta testers, so you can see what other people are doing with their CEOExpressions. If you want to share your page, send me note at, with your url and your permission to share the page with the rest of the group. Please make sure your page isn't protected by a password. Let me know if you have any questions about this.

Permalink | Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Public vs Private Content (Category: Questions and Answers)

As you create your page, one of the most important things to understand is how to choose whether your page (and parts of your page) will be public or private.  Here is a description of how that works.

Included below:
          How to Show Your Page to the Public
          Keeping Parts of Your Page Private
          So What Are Page Views?

How To Show Your Page to the Public
As you know, your page can be private, public, or public but protected by a password.  Here's how you can tell which one your site is:

Private: When you first create your page, it is turned "off."  You'll see a red "light" in the upper right corner of your page, next to "Turn On Page."  As long as you keep this light red, no one else will be able to access your page.

Public: Turn that "light" green, and your page will become public.  Anyone who knows or finds your url can access your page, and will see all the tabs you have turned on. (See Keeping Parts of Your Page Private below for more information.)

Public with Password: If you want to share your page with a specific group of people, but not the whole world, you can "hide" it behind a password (like my page).  To add a password to your page, click the Manage Page link near the top of the page.  Share this password with the people you want to access your page.

Keeping Parts of Your Page Private
Once you've turned your page ON, all visitors can see certain parts of your page.  Everyone will see the theme you've chosen and your page title and tagline, as well as the grey links bar.  However, you can keep some of your tabs private, if you choose.

The navy tab heading for each tab (both blogs and CEOExpress tabs) includes a small light, which is green when the tab is turned on, and red when it is turned off.  Click the light to change the status of that tab. 

You can see the tabs that are red, but your visitors cannot.  I, for instance, have a tab full of personal links that none of you can see right now. :)

So What Are Page Views?
You (and only you) have three possible views, which can be chosen from the Page Views menu at the top of the page. 

Admin Mode: Allows you to see everything, whether it is on or off, with all your editing tools visible. 

My Page: Allows you to see a cleaner version of the page with no editing tools, but you can still see all tabs, whether they are on or off.  Use this view as your personal homepage.

Visitor View: Allows you to see what your visitors will see, which is the page without editing tools, with only the "on" tabs visible.


Permalink | Friday, January 11, 2008