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Public vs Private Content (Category: Questions and Answers)

As you create your page, one of the most important things to understand is how to choose whether your page (and parts of your page) will be public or private.  Here is a description of how that works.

Included below:
          How to Show Your Page to the Public
          Keeping Parts of Your Page Private
          So What Are Page Views?

How To Show Your Page to the Public
As you know, your page can be private, public, or public but protected by a password.  Here's how you can tell which one your site is:

Private: When you first create your page, it is turned "off."  You'll see a red "light" in the upper right corner of your page, next to "Turn On Page."  As long as you keep this light red, no one else will be able to access your page.

Public: Turn that "light" green, and your page will become public.  Anyone who knows or finds your url can access your page, and will see all the tabs you have turned on. (See Keeping Parts of Your Page Private below for more information.)

Public with Password: If you want to share your page with a specific group of people, but not the whole world, you can "hide" it behind a password (like my page).  To add a password to your page, click the Manage Page link near the top of the page.  Share this password with the people you want to access your page.

Keeping Parts of Your Page Private
Once you've turned your page ON, all visitors can see certain parts of your page.  Everyone will see the theme you've chosen and your page title and tagline, as well as the grey links bar.  However, you can keep some of your tabs private, if you choose.

The navy tab heading for each tab (both blogs and CEOExpress tabs) includes a small light, which is green when the tab is turned on, and red when it is turned off.  Click the light to change the status of that tab. 

You can see the tabs that are red, but your visitors cannot.  I, for instance, have a tab full of personal links that none of you can see right now. :)

So What Are Page Views?
You (and only you) have three possible views, which can be chosen from the Page Views menu at the top of the page. 

Admin Mode: Allows you to see everything, whether it is on or off, with all your editing tools visible. 

My Page: Allows you to see a cleaner version of the page with no editing tools, but you can still see all tabs, whether they are on or off.  Use this view as your personal homepage.

Visitor View: Allows you to see what your visitors will see, which is the page without editing tools, with only the "on" tabs visible.


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